The entrance sign to the Fort Worth Zoo
3/17/07- The Fort Worth Zoo- a popular spring break outing

Well I finally did it. After years of wanting to make the 40 minute drive from Dallas to the Fort Worth Zoo, I loaded up the kids and off we went, on probably one of the zoo's busiest days of the year. The last Saturday of the major spring break weeks for Texas schools. It was a stroller convention, but we had a blast. The weather was cool and dry and the animals were all quite active. The crowds, though large were courteous and polite. As far as zoos I have been to, the Fort Worth Zoo ranks number two behind the San Diego Zoo.

All of the Baboons were out and staring right back at the visitors

This Bear had climbed down in the dividing trench after something someone had dropped and was having a marveleous time with this plastic spoon

These Cheetahs were showing a good bit of affection for one another and interacting with the crowd

It looks like this Crockadile didn't heal to well from mixing it up with one of his peers

The Fort Worth Zoo has an Impressive collection of Asian Elephants

This Giraffe found the tree the perfect height for a head scratch

The markings of this mountain goat are remarkably close to the terrain

This male lion is doing what male lions do best

The hippos were very active swimming all about

The Lemurs were a favorite with the kids

Lemur ready for action

The Ft. Worth Zoo has a terrific collection of birds. McKaws pictured here

The senior orangutan

The front paws of a male lion

This rhino looked board. Probably better than an excited rhino

The female lions kept an eye on the crowd from their high perch

This Tiger showed the crowd its strength


White Tiger



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